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  • Dev Mango ®️ (AAA) 270-300 GM

Dev Mango ®️ (AAA) 270-300 GM

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Soft, juicy and full of flavor, Dev Mango ®️ (AAA) is an experience your taste buds won't want to miss. Grown with care and precision, these succulent mangoes are hand-picked at the perfect stage of ripeness to ensure maximum sweetness and aroma. With a weight ranging from 270-300 grams, each mango is bursting with all-natural goodness and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for any fruit-lover. Juicy and delicious on their own, our Dev Mango ®️ (AAA) can also be the perfect ingredient for your next smoothie, dessert, or salad. Don't hold back, let the juicy, sweet and refreshing taste of Dev Mango ®️ (AAA) transport you to sandy beaches and sunny days with every bite. Try it for yourself and experience the tropical magic!

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