High GSM Knitted Fabric Wrapped with soft texture fabric and adequate air permeability, it provides excellent comfort, excellent moisture-wicking ability, and lasts longer. Aero Sleep Memory Foam The NASA approved memory foam distributes body weight evenly, which improves blood circulation and delivers unparalleled comfort. It relaxes pressure points with its low bounce back properties and high-density foam. Also, a memory foam mattress drastically reduces tossing and turning, promising comfort sleep. High Resilient Convoluted Foam Springfit uses High-Grade Convoluted Foam to provide better weight distribution. This unique foam enhances the mattress breathability, increases the softness of the mattress. Ultimately provide better sleep experience due to correct spinal alignment and pressure relief. Advanced Carbon Manganese Pocket Springs Springfit’s Advanced Carbon Manganese Pocket Springs coils are stress-relieved and strengthened to provide a comfortable sleeping experience. These Independent Suspension coils units have been heat-treated under controlled conditions for better resistance and durability. High Resilient Foam Springfit High Resilient Foam comes with Aero Sleep technology that promotes ample airflow and gives optimum support to the body. Anti Skid Fabric Springfit mattresses come with Anti-Skid Fabric, which is 100% organic. It helps in controlling the movement of the mattress on the base of the bed. Not only this, but the fabric also helps in eliminating bugs and controlling the moisture trapped inside the mattress.
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