High GSM Lurex Knitted Fabric Lurex fabric is lighter and does not tarnish. It is strong enough to last forever. Lurex is a very alluring fabric and created when a metallic layer is melded around a yarn to make it shine. It is made of standard knit fabric with an added layer of shimmer on top and is just as soft as the clothes you’d normally wear. Aero Sleep Memory Foam The NASA approved memory foam distributes body weight evenly, which improves blood circulation and delivers unparalleled comfort. It relaxes pressure points with its low bounce back properties and high-density foam. Also, a memory foam mattress drastically reduces tossing and turning, promising comfort sleep. High Resilient Dry-cool Foam It's a special foam that is created by bursting bubbles during the foaming process. This process creates an interconnected cellular network, making the foam breathable with open cells. It divides the body weight evenly and provides a night of relaxing sleep. Organic Anti-Skid Fabric Springfit Dry Cool Magnus comes with organic anti-skid fabric, which reduces the movement of a mattress. Also, it is highly breathable and helps in reducing moisture trapped inside the mattress.
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