3D Cool Hex Fabric This special jacquard fabric has a 3D design that helps in moisture-wicking and providing ambient airflow throughout the mattress. It also has antibacterial properties that help in protection against bacteria and fungus ideal for people with sensitive skin. HR Comfort Foam Springfit High Resilient Comfort Foam is made with Aero Sleep technology that promotes ample airflow and give adequate comfort to body. HR Comfort foam has softer feel so the body can relax better. HR Support Foam Springfit High Resilient Support Foam is a highly dense foam that acts as a transitional layer between the soft top layers and firm base of the mattress. This HR Support Foam is made with Aero Sleep technology hence promotes breathability and airflow. Turkish Thermobond Felt Our Turkish Felt is produced by matting, condensing, and pressing fibers together providing reinforced and firmer support to the mattress. Carbon-Manganese Bonnell Springs These Bonnell spring units are made with carbon-manganese alloy. Heat-treated under controlled conditions for better resistance and durability. Ensuring that each component part of the Bonnell unit is stress-relieved and strengthened, thereby eliminating sagging of the springs. Organic Anti Skid Fabric Springfit Proactiv Jump Mattress comes with organic anti-skid fabric, which reduces movement of the mattress. Not only this, but the fabric is highly breathable and helps in reducing moisture trapped inside the mattress.
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