Adwords Conversion Tracking

Adwords Conversion Tracking

Measure your advertising ROI in real time.

Now you can track your Google AdWords conversions through Dukaan store. Simply create a purchase event in AdWords conversions and enter the conversion ID and conversion label in settings.

Retarget your visitors and clients better within the Google Ad network using AdWords Conversion Tracking plugin. Send client data directly to Google Ads server from your Dukaan store. Run better ads campaigns by targeting the right users.

Installation guide

Here's how you can start tracking AdWords conversions on your Dukaan store:

  • In your Google Ads account, click the Tools and Settings menu. ()
  • Select Measurement: Conversions, which opens to the Conversion Actions table.
  • Select the name of the conversion that you want to use from the Conversion action column.
  • Expand the tab for Tag setup to view the tag details.
  • Select Use Google Tag Manager.
  • Copy the Conversion ID and Conversion Label.

Frequently asked questions

Which networks I can track the conversions on?
Is this plugin free to use?
Do I need Google Adwords account to use this?

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