All-in-one SEO

All-in-one SEO

Improve search rankings and drive more traffic to your shop

All-in-one SEO is the highest-rated SEO plugin with an easy-to-use interface for boosting your shop’s SEO.

All-in-one SEO for Dukaan is what Yoast is for WordPress. The all-in-one On-Page SEO app for managing SEO optimization, improving search rankings, & driving more traffic to your shop. Here is what you get:

  • Add or update product title tags
  • Add or update product description tags
  • Set your store's title and meta description

Take the guesswork out of Dukaan SEO. Install All-in-one SEO today to save countless hours of repetitive work & give your store the SEO boost it deserves.

Installation guide

To start using All-in-one SEO plugin, follow following steps:

  • Click on “Install Plugin”
  • You can open any individual product and scroll down to bottom. You will find “Dukaan SEO” box under the product from where you can change your product's title and meta description tag.

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