Rolex GMT master 2

āœ… *Rolex GMT Master 2 Back again with a latest Upgrade, 2021 Batman Bezel edition comes with New 3 Link Stainless Steel bracelet.* āœ… šŸŒŸ The sudden popular Rolex GMT-II Batman Edition now available & Ready to ship today šŸŒŸ # Rolex # For Men # 7AA Premium Collection # Model - Rolex GMT II Batman Edition # Dial Size - 43mm (Original Size) *STRIKING TOOL FOR ALL OCCASION TYPES* ā£ļø Product Description - -24 Hour Time -Ceramic Batman Edition Black Blue Bezel -Stainless Steel 3 Link Belt -Original Steel Lock -Rotating Bezel -Fully Automatic Movement -Black Rolex Texture Dial - *100% Trusted Original Japanese Automatic movement Machinery* ā¤ āœØ New Model with price updated & *Free Rolex brand Name box* āœØ Available @ Rs 6999/- Free shipping āœ… *Quality Assurance - Now Packed with 1 Year sellers warranty for machinery.* āœ…
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