TAG Heuer Calibre 5

āœ… *A sporty TAG Heuer Calibre 5 equipped with rose gold figures dial Designed for men with urban, on-the-go lifestyles.* āœ… šŸŒŸ Tag Heuer ensures excellent mechanics in Calibre Automatic models now Available & Ready to ship today šŸŒŸ # Tag Heuer # For Men # 7AA Premium Collection # Model - Calibre 5 # Model No - WAR201D.FC6291 # Diai Size - 43mm # Premium Smooth Automatic Technology *ENSURES THE LEGENDARY & SOPHISTICATED LOOK* ā£ļø - Working Automatic Analog - No battery required - All Working Counters - Exclusive Day & Date Technology - Tag Heuer's Exclusive Brown pure leather alligator strap - Rose-gold elements - Original Tag Clasp Lock - Radium Enabled Needle - *100% Japanese smooth movement Automatic Machinery* ā¤ļø āœØ New Tag Heuer Luxury with price updated & *Free Tag Heuer Premium Hard Case Leather Brand box* āœØ Available @ Rs 5799/- Free shipping only āœ… *Quality Assurance - Now Packed with 1 Year Sellers warranty for machinery.* āœ…
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