• Mini Legend & Avenger Series  6
    The Legend Loki
    Medium Hulk
    Medium Volcano Bites
    Medium Cheesy Bite
    Mini Valcano
    cheese burst
    Seekh Crown
    cheese burst
    Loaded Grill Burgers  3
    Creamy Grill Burger
    Icey Spicy Peri Peri Burger
    Smokey And Barbecue Cheese Blast
    Chicken Cheezy Fries  7
    Chicken Popcorn Fries
    Chicken Cheezy Jalapeno
    Chilli Garlic Fries (Chicken)
    Peri Peri Chicken Fries
    Bbq Chicken Fries
    Malai Tikka Fries
    Tikka Fries
    Famous Shawarma  18
    Shahi Shawarma Loaded
    Shahi Shawarma
    Go To Hell Shawarma
    Paneer Mushroom Shawarma
    paneer mushroom iceberg tomatoes onions cucumber pepricka
    Veg Hawaiian Shawarma
    paneer pineapple slice with iceberg lettuce with paper and cheese
    Paneer Tikka Shawarma
    Kebab Shawarma
    chicken kebab with mint sauce iceberg lettuce spicy pepper
    Tangy Maxicano
    tomato olive onion french fries paprika grilled chicken marinade sals
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