• Cakes  12
    Vanilla Cake
    The beauty of Vanilla in every bite
    Flavoured Vanilla Cake
    Not just your regular Vanilla.. Something different
    Black Forest Cake
    Everyone's favourite
    Pineapple Cake
    Who doesn't love pineapple cake? Try it out
    Custard Cake
    Flavour of Custard in every bite..
    Orange Cake
    Rabdi Cake
    Sometimes do the unsual! Here's the unusual.. Try it out
    Chocolate Cake
    Main Course  4
    Paneer Butter Masala
    Palak Paneer
    Butter Chicken
    Murgh Hari Mirch ka
    Tender Chicken pieces with thick green chilli based gravy
    Maggi  5
    Masala Maggi
    Masaledaar Maggi with secret mild spicy homemade spices
    Chinese Maggi
    Maggie made in chinese style
    Cheese Maggie
    Cheesy White Sauce Maggie for white sauce lovers.. Loaded with cheese
    Tadka Maggie
    Secret Tadka to our maggie
    Veg Supreme Maggie
    Maggie loaded with veggies and dry thick gravy
    Sandwich and Rolls  12
    Veg Coleslaw Sandwich
    Fresh veggies loaded with spices and mayo
    Cheese Chutney Sandwich
    Homemade mint chutney aling without cheese between 2 bread slices
    Creamy Paneer Sandwich
    Paneer mix with secret spices stuffed between two bread slices
    Veg Club Sandwich (Triple Layer)
    King Veg Sandwich
    Chicken Bhuna Sandwich
    Creamy, sweet and spicy butter chicken stuffed between two bread slices
    Butter Chicken Sandwich
    Chicken Mumtaz Roll
    Mild spicy chicken with secret spices served into a roll form
    Paneer Shahi Roll
    Shahi Paneer into a roll