K - Elan

K-ELAN, an Aloe Vera scrub soap having a blend of benefits of Aloe Vera and it is presented as a scrub soap to help you to get the maximum benefits. The Aloe Vera moisturizes and softens your skin while the cleansers gently clean your skin, leaving it feeling smooth and soft. Benefits of K-ELAN : 1) Aloe Vera in K-Elan helps in controlling pimples and acne. 2) Aloe Vera in K-Elan helps to reduce the dryness of the skin. 3) Aloe Vera in K-Elan alleviates, itching and eczema. 4) Aloe Vera in K-Elan helps in reducing discoloration, scaling and roughness of the skin. 5) Milli globules in K-Elan helps it disperse rapidly with excellent uniformity. 6) Contains other contents for foaming and fragrance. 7) K-ELAN is ideal for any skin type
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