K - Vita

K-Vita is a proven herbal tonic that rejuvenates the system, enhances beauty and improves vitality. It Stimulates digestive process, promotes luster and glow to the complexion. K-Vita is a herbal combination that is safe, gentle and comprehensive tonic specially formulated for women. It is a balanced combination of herbal ingredients that are tonics, refrigerants, aphrodisiac, diuretic, astringent, etc. It is an energizing and rejuvenating tonic that improves general metabolic activity. It provides relief in genitor-urinary diseases and also improves resistance against infections. Mechanism of action: 1. Tonic. 2. Rejuvenator. 3. Oxytoxic. 4. Uterine tonic. 5. Arrests Uterine haemorrhages and abnormal secreation. 6. Prevents inflammation of the vagina. 7. Promots fertility. K-vita is recommended for the following indications: 1. Tonic for women. 2. Genereal weakness. 3. Leucorrhoea. 4. Menorrhagia. 5. Profuge Mensuration. 6. Excessive uterine bleeding & inflammation,other menstrural disorders. 7. Mental stress. Benefits: 1. Promotes Strength and vigor. 2. It’s anti-oxidant properties delay the ageing process. 3. Helps in general weakness. 4. Helps in debility,aging and stress induced disorders. 5. Improves resistance against infections. 6. Helps in genito-urinary diseases,menorrhagia and leucorrhoea.
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