Quality Vermy Compost উৎকৃষ্ট কেঁচো সার

Accelerates Germination – Your seeds sprout more quickly and the sprouts are healthier.  Increases Number of Fruits – This means more production from your garden. Your fruit size will not necessarily be larger but there will be more of them Higher Yields! Accelerates Flowering – Your fruits and vegetables flower earlier and you will be able to harvest earlier, Production of Humic Acids – The living biology in vermicompost helps to create humic acids and plant growth hormones. This promotes healthier plants and more nutrient-dense produce. It is also a major contributor to disease resistance and pest deterrence. Nutrients Released Slowly as Needed – This means that your plants can uptake nutrients over the season and the vermicompost will release these nutrients as needed. You will not need to continually add vermicompost through the growing season. source: Krishnarampore, Gurap(Hooghly)
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