Wildcraft Set of 5 Masks by Amway

The 3-layer W95+ washable & reusable face masks from Wildcraft have been engineered to provide all day comfort with great fit. These masks are tested to have 95% bacterial efficiency1 and work effectively against pollution as well. Contains 3 large and 2 medium masks. 1Bacterial efficiency pre-wash   Bacterial efficiency : 95% for 3 micron2 Particle efficiency : 95% for 0.3 micron3 Flexi-fit with neck strap Hypacool inner layer with cooling effect, moisture control & anti-bacterial finish Super breathable4 Splash resistance5 Re-usable up to 30 gentle hand washes 2Bacterial efficiency pre-wash 3Particle efficiency pre-wash 4Delta P ≤ 35pA/cm2 5Hydrostatic Test at 160 mmHg
Per 5 piece

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