Seabucktorn Honey Cornflakes

SEABUCKTHORN HONEY CORN FLAKES BIOSASH Seabuckthorn Honey Corn Flakes provides a power packed breakfast full of the goodness of seabuckthorn , honey and natural vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids in the form of omega’s 3,6,7,and 9, and amino acids and numerous bioactive compounds which help you start your day with a nourishing breakfast. With our 25 years of expertise in harnessing the power of natural seabuckthorn – the superfruit of the century – we provide you with Seabuckthorn Honey corn flakes – to kick start your day with the goodness of nature. As pioneers in research and development of Seabuckthorn products we bring you the world’s first ever – Seabuckthorn Honey Corn Flakes.
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