• Thali& Rice Combo  8
    Rajma Rice
    1 bowl rajma Rice with mint sauce & onion
    Kadhi Rice
    1 bowl kadi chawal with mint souce & onion
    Chholey Rice
    1 bowl chholey chawal with mint sauce & onion
    Shahi Paneer Rice
    1bowl shahi paneer Rice with mint sauce & onion
    Veg Thali
    paneer dish, yellow dal, 4 roti, Rice, salad
    Delux Thali
    paneer dish, yellow dal,mix veg, 4roti, plain Rice, salad
    Special Thali
    paneer dish, Dal makhani, mix veg, 4 roti, raita, jeera Rice, salad, papad,
    Yellow Dal Rice
    1 bowl Yellow dal Rice with mint sauce &onion
    Chinese & Indian Snacks  19
    Veg Grilled Sandwich
    healthy sandwich with cheese and with fresh vegetables
    Veg Burger
    burger with aloo tikki and fresh vegetables
    Maggi Masala
    masala maggi with extra masala
    Veg Maggi
    maggi with green veggie
    Cheese Maggi
    Maggi with 🧀cheese
    Veg Fried Rice
    Veg fried rice with all fresh vegetable
    Veg Pizza
    Pizza with fresh vegetables and cheese
    Veg Steam Momos
    10 pcs. Delicious momos with meyo. chutani
    Beverages  4
    Cold Coffee
    cold coffee serve with ice cube
    Sweet Lassi
    Namkeen Lassi
    Lemon Soda
    Breakfast  9
    Spl. Indori Poha
    poha with veggies & peanuts ,some delicious flavour
    Bread Butter
    4 slice bread with amul butter
    Butter Bun
    1 piece bunn with amul butter
    Vada Pav
    vada pav in bombay style with full of flavour
    Bread Pakora
    Aloo Parantha
    2 aloo parantha with pickle & mint sauce with amul butter
    Paneer Parantha
    2 paneer parantha with pickle & mint sauce with amul butter
    Onion Parantha
    2 onion parantha with pickle & mint sauce with amul butter