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Gluta C Intense whitening Deodorant roll-on

❌  Gluta C Intense whitening Deodorant roll-on Deo ₹ 399 — 1 Pcs Add To Cart This is a quick-absorbing, whitening deodorant. It is paraben-free, alcohol-free, non-marking and contains no harsh chemicals. Intense Whitening Glutathione, Vitamin C and Daisy Flower Extract lighten the underarm while protecting it against odor-causing bacteria. The combination effectively brightens, smoothes and softens the armpit. Safe for Regular Use Gluta-C Whitening Deodorant is paraben-free and alcohol-free, making it safe to use daily without worrying about harsh chemicals penetrating the skin. It is dermatologist tested and proven to be safe and effective even with daily use. 24-hour Odor Protection Gluta-C Whitening Deodorant effectively prevents growth of odor-causing bacteria for up to 24 hours. Quick Absorbing and Non-Marking Gluta-C Intense Whitening Deodorant is formulated to be quickly absorbed by the skin, avoiding unsightly stains on your clothes. No need to worry about marking your clothes. Other Product Highlights For all skin type Paraben-free Dermatologist and clinically-tested to be safe and effective FDA approve
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