Airpords Pro

✅ *DON'T ASK FOR AVAILABILITY.. DIRECTLY PUT ORDERS IN FINAL ORDER *RATE :- 1200rs* 💣 *AIRPODS PRO GENUINE MASTER COPY IN STOCK* 💣 *✅ FC QUALITY 🚨* ❤️ *Apple Airpods Pro with Popup window* *GPS, Name change and Noise Cancellation* *ONLY FOR MATTE BLACK LOVERS* > Calling features working > Both side sensors working PRESSURE SENSITIVE LOWER STEM SENSORS (SAME AS ORIGINAL) > 1 press pause and play music (Both) > 2 press next music control (Right) > 2 press for siri working (Left) PURE BASS PERFORMANCE💯 >High quality sound *✅ 1 Tap Quality* ✅SUPPORTS WIRELESS CHARGING ✅OWN IMPORTED STOCK 🔥OWN IMAGES🔥 🌟HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT🌟
Per 10 piece

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