Parle Hide & Seek Chocolate Chip Cookies 100 g

Parle Hide & Seek Chocolate Chip Cookies 100 g Teatime calls for a tasty treat! So, here's a pack of goodness and delight packed in one with Parle Hide & Seek Chocolate Chip Cookies. These cookies are made with the choicest ingredients to make your tea times filled with fun and frolic. Have them with tea, coffee or as a standalone snack and feel rejuvenated and full of energy! These cookies are a sheer delight. Quality is maintained throughout the packaging and production of the product so that it retains freshness for a long period of time. So go ahead and buy it online today! Manufactured By: Kp-Parle Biscuits Pvt Ltd,131,2,Kirkhindi Khopoli-Pen Road,Raigad,Mh 410202. Customer Care Number & Email: 2266916929
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