Avakkai Mango Pickle (No Garlic) 250g

About the product: Fresh and premium spicy South Indian mango pickle, made with selected handpicked season's mangoes. Made in pure sesame oil blended with natural spices. Why choose us? All natural ingredients No added preservatives No artificial colors Pickled naturally to last longer when stored well Ingredients: Unripe Mango, Whole Red Chilli, Mustard Seeds, Turmeric, Fenugreek Seeds, Asafoetida, Crystal Salt, Sesame Oil Storage Guide: Use only fresh and dry spoon and fasten the lid after each use. Can be stored for longer if in a refrigerator. Manufactured by: TAM FOODS INDIA - Canteen Space, Near C Block, Yamuna Apartments, Alaknanda, New Delhi - 110019 FSSAI License no. 13321999000115 - TAM FOODS INDIA
per 250 gm

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