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JAVA Server Programming (J2EE 1.4)

JAVA Server Programming (J2EE 1.4)

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This book is the one-time reference and solid introduction that covers all aspects of J2EE in an easy-to-understand approach-how an application server runs, how an application server deploys (easily and graphically), a complete know-how on design patterns, best practices, design strategies, hibernate and spring framework and proven solutions using the key J2EE technologies, including JMS, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, JSTAL, RMI, Java Mail, Web Services, JMX, JCA, Struts, JSF, UML and many more. All this, as the book zips through the material and does not blather on or repeat points made earlier-no doubt, every aspect is worth the price of the entire book. The new edition of this book succeeds as an almost indispensable resource for any enterprise Java Developer due to extensive coverage of today’s rich and complex J2EE platform and practical focus on real-world design and deployment.

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