Purity And Good Health Is Our Goal Description PADS FOR EVERY WOMAN !! Fema Soft have a specially shaped front and back to fit your body perfectly. It gives you both great comfort and hygiene with incredible protection. Its Anti - Leak Walls, a fast absorption core and an all-around barrier to give you Best Protection, so you can ready for anything. CHEMICAL FREE PADS ARE FINALLY HERE - Thanks to Fema Soft Extra Features 1st layer: Thin silk and soft cotton fast absorption Surface allows the liquid to absorb times faster. 2nd layer: Green negative ion chip effectively enhances Anti-bacterial capabilities. 3rd layer: Air-laid paper wrapped. 4th layer: Unique and exclusive padding, absorption well- Balanced, further preventing side leakage. 5th layer: Super absorbent polymer. 6th layer: Air-laid paper wrapped. 7th layer: Breathable and comfortable bottom layer. 8th layer: Release paper (Back adhesive restrain, comfort with woman ergonomics). Benefits Of Fema Soft • Reduces the risk of Infection and Skin Rashes • For Women facing heavy menstrual flow, Fema Soft easily collect and absorbs menstrual fluid, do not leak. • For women with sensitive skin can also use Fema Soft without the risk of Infection and rashes as it does not contain synthetic chemicals. • Eco Friendly and Healthy • Fema Soft material is carefully chosen for sensitive skin and lasting comfort • Prevents Itching • Suitable for Regular to Heavy Flow • Absorbs in Seconds • Clean dry fresh during the day • Better absorbency for your busiest days • Deep all-around barriers so leaks hardly stand a chance
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