Purity And Good Health Is Our Goal OVERVIEW Sex is an integral part of our life, an important constituent of daily routine as well as necessity. Sex power if believed to be the most precious treasure for men. It is a bond between a couple. But due to some dietary, uneven life style or some ill habits, it goes to a weak level which in turn may leads to sexual deficiency or sexual weakness in terms of tiredness, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, loss of libido, low sperm count or impotency. Hence we have formulated a blend of Ayurveda selected herbs which is highly helpful and tremendously effective in bringing back normal and pleasurable sex life. Description Relax and fire up your Life. Enhance sensation with multiple orgasms to fulfill your desire with great taste that will boost your energy level and raise your performance, because PowerSutra has ability to meet your expectations and prolong the act. It works on an emotional level by relieving stress and calming the mind. Increase overall energy and intensity your pleasure and mood. Spice it up your life instantly with PowerSutra and MAKE THE EXPERIENCE THE MORE PLEASURABLE ONE. GENERAL SYMPTOMS OF THE DISEASE • Ejaculates before he or his partner desires. • Does not ejaculate, or experiences delayed ejaculation. • Is unable to have an erection sufficient for pleasurable intercourse. • Feels pain during intercourse. • Lacks or loses sexual desire. • A woman may have a sexual problem if she • Lacks or loses sexual desire. • Has difficulty achieving orgasm. • Feels anxiety during intercourse. • Feels pain during intercourse. • Feels vaginal or other muscles contract involuntarily before or during sex. INDICATION • Erectile Dysfunction • Premature Ejaculation • Delayed Ejaculation • Loss Of Libido (Reduced Desire) • Impotence Composition Ashwagandha Ext, Salabmisri Ext, Sweta Musali Ext, Jayaphala Powder, Javitri Powder, Silajatu Ext, Kesar Powder, Gokshura Ext, Kapikachhu Ext, Taj Ext, Shigru Seed Ext, Shatavari Ext, Milk Powder. Benefits Of PowerSutra •The herbs used in this powder calm mind and lower stress level and helps to normalise sleep. •Increase the intensity and stimulate the passion •Balances Hormones & Improve Stamina thus male can stay longer •Helps to improve arousal and to increase drive and delivers strong orgasm •Orgasm becomes stronger and better with possible Multi Orgasms •Relaxing the mind and stimulating the body with strong burning desires •Enhance arousal, which turns you on and making your body produce more energy. Direction For Use •Take one sachet of PowerSutra, mix it well with milk or juice as desired. •Using PowerSutra one hour prior to activity.
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