Purity And Good Health Is Our Goal Description Remara Hair Oil Serum is enriched with Noni for the first time in the world along with rich combination of selected vital herbs which directly targets hair fall and gives long, healthy and strong hair not for now but forever. Its long lasting effect on scalp helps to boost natural hair growth and keep them healthy and manageable in all climatic condition and also prevents hair breakage deteriorated by pollution. It also prevents premature graying and falling of hair. GENERAL SYMPTOMS OF THE HAIR FALL Hair loss normally occurs gradually with age in both men and women, but is typically more pronounced in men. Some of the possible reasons for falling hair are: Tension, Too much work, Illness, Poor diet, Over-exposure to the sun, Perming, Amateur bleaching, Too frequent and inexpert use of tints, rinses or other colorants. USP Air pollution, bad eating habits, exposure to strong sunlight and the lack of hair care may be some of the reasons why your hair might start to lose its natural shine. Otherwise, we recommend to use Remara Hair Oil Serum that can be applied directly on hair and does not need to be rinsed. It can be used before shampoo as a moisturising treatment, before blow-drying to detangle hair or when you are styling your hair to improve hair manageability and help boost shine. And it brings 10 benefits: – Moisturising & Nourishing – Conditioning – Damage Repair – Detangling – Improve hair manageability – UV Protection – Hair Shine – Antioxidant – Softening – Anti-Frizz INDICATION • Hair Loss • Split Ends • Dullness Of Hair • Premature Greying Hair • Damaged Hair Due To Heat Or Color (Dye) Composition Amla, Bhrungaraj, Brahmi, Dhatur, Dugdhika, Jasmine, Jatamansi, Kapur Kachali, Mustak, Rose, Neem, Gunja, Indravaruni, Yashtimadhu, Aal (Noni), Rosemerry Oil, Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil, Eranda Oil. MEDICINAL PROPERTIES OF INGREDIENT Amala The richest source of vitamin c, it contains an array of antioxidants and phytonutrients. Its immense healing properties strengthen hair follicles and increase scalp circulation. Bhrungaraj It is well known for its miraculous benefits as an all round hair and to effectively treat hair loss and promotes healthy hair. Brahmi It is a valuable Ayurvedic herb. Rich in vitamin C and antioxidant properties, brahmi helps to strengthen the hair follicles and reduce hair fall. Brahmi also calms your mind and helps you sleep better. Dhatur It penetrates the hair follicles, stimulates the hair growth, improves the scalp skin health and strengthens the hair root. Dugdhika It prevents hair fall, thickens and improves overall condition of hair, causing it to become healthier. Jasmine It is a strong anti-septic. It helps fight any microbial infection in the scalp, especially dandruff. Its moisturizing properties prevents dry and itchy scalp. Jatamansi It has calming effects on the nerves and brain which reduces anxiety and provides relief from headache. Kapur Kachali It promotes growth by stimulating the roots. It also has antiseptic properties benefiting the scalp. Mustak It has hair strengthening and scalp rejuvenating properties. Rose It is a natural moisturizer that promotes hair growth and improves circulation of blood. It leaves the hair soft shining and smooth. Neem It’s antibacterial, antifungal and regenerative properties helps clear dandruff and other scalp regularities. It is also said to balance vata & pitta. Gunja It’s amazing therapeutic properties help to rejuvenate hair follicles and promote hair growth. Indravaruni The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of Indravaruni stimulate hair growth & increases number of hair follicles. Yashtimadhu It improves the quality of hair quality, reduce hair fall, graying and thinning of hair. Aal (Noni) It has remarkable medicinal use which is helpful in promoting hair growth, improves blood circulation and keeps the scalp conditioned. Rosemary Oil It is an aromatic evergreen shrub
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