tandoori starters

  • Vegtandoori stuffed aloo [6 pieces]
    Potatoes stuffed with multiple fiery spices and roasted in a tandoor oven.
  • Vegtandoori aloo [6 pieces]
    Baby potatoes dipped in a blend of yogurt and tandoori spices and roasted t
  • Vegpaneer tikka [6 pieces]
    Paneer cubes marinated in spices, threaded onto skewers and grilled to perf
  • Vegpaneer malai tikka [6 pieces]
    Spongy soft paneer cubes coated in spicy and creamy marinade and grilled un
  • Vegmushroom tikka [8 pieces]
    Nutty mushrooms coated in a spicy marinade and grilled to a perfection.
  • Vegassorted kabab

main course

  • Vegyellow dal
    Masur ki dal fry.
  • Vegveg dal tadka
    A healthy variation of the yellow dal cooked with an assortment of carrots,
  • Vegpaneer dal tadka
    Black dal with a delicious surprise of paneer cubes cooked with an assortme
  • Vegdal tadka
    Creamy, delicious and thick lentil curry enriched with a tempering of spice
  • Vegdal makhani
    Black lentil and kidney beans cooked in a creamy, buttery and slightly spic
  • Vegdahi dal tadka
    A variation of your ultimate comfort food, this dal tadka tastes even more
  • Vegchana dal tadka
    Split chickpea dal cooked with spices straight from our mums kitchen. A del
  • Vegbutter dal tadka
    Yellow lentils cooked with lots of butter and love with a tadka of assorted
  • Vegamritsari dal
    Rich curry of chana dal, black gram, chillies, and spices.
  • Vegshahi paneer
    Achari paneer patty, lavished with a butter gravy, onions, lettuce and liqu
  • Vegpaneer tikka butter masala
    Homemade cottage cheese roasted in tandoor served with special gravy.
  • Vegpaneer pasanda
    A delicious, raisins and spices mixture stuffed in fluffy paneer cooked in
  • Vegpaneer do pyaza
    Cottage cheese and onions stir fried and tossed in a mildly spiced masala.
  • Vegpaneer butter masala
    Cottage cheese simmered in a rich, buttery, and creamy gravy.
  • Vegpaneer bhurji
    Grated cottage cheese stir fried with onions, tomatoes and seasoned with In
  • Vegpaneer bharta
    Delicious smooth and savory dish made of cottage cheese, eggplant, onions,
  • Vegpalak paneer
    Flavorful paneer in a thick paste made from pureed spinach, seasoned with g
  • Vegmatar paneer
    Delicious dish prepared by cooking peas and paneer in cream.
  • Vegkadai paneer
    Stir fried cottage cheese, capsicum and onions cooked in a spicy red gravy.
  • Vegchilli paneer
    This peppery, spicy, and tangy chilli infused dish is popular on our list o
  • Vegchana paneer
    Try this aromatic sabzi with juicy cottage cheese and yummy chickpeas, simm
  • Vegveg shahi korma
    Tempting mix of vegetables and spices cooked in a yogurt based gravy with g
  • Vegveg jalfrezi
    A semi dry stir fried recipe of mixed vegetables that is a popular and yumm
  • Vegveg do pyaza
    Take your taste buds for a treat with this North Indian style sabzi cooked
  • tandoori aloo butter masala
    Soft potato pieces coated in spices, roasted in a tandoor and topped with b
  • palak saag
    Delicious palak puree cooked with onions and garlic and tempered with melte
  • mushroom tikka butter masala
    Smooth mushroom pieces roasted in a tandoor oven and cooked in a buttery ri
  • mushroom masala
    A spicy and tasty dish prepared with button mushrooms tossed in tomato base
  • mushroom do pyaza
    Earthy mushrooms and onions in a flavorful gravy seasoned with assorted spi
  • mix vegetable
    A hearty bowl of all your favorite vegetables cooked to perfection in North
  • matar mushroom
    Delightful combination of button mushrooms and green peas cooked together i
  • matar masala
    Delicious with steamed rice, this simple tomato and cream gravy of green pe
  • malai kofta
    Deep fried cottage cheese dumplings tossed in a mildly spiced gravy.
  • kashmiri aloo dum
    Fried baby potatoes in a thick Kashmiri style curry.
  • cream palak saag
    Creamy rich blend of leafy greens, spinach, chillies and spices topped with
  • corn palak saag
    A rich green gravy of spinach, soya, corn and spices.
  • corn methi malai
    A spicy and creamy gravy filled with the goodness of sweet corn and fresh f
  • chana palak
    Chickpeas tossed in a blend of spinach and spices for a spicy delight.
  • chana masala
    Soft and tender chickpeas cooked on a low flame in a tomato based gravy. Be
  • aloo matar
    The juiciness of green peas and the goodness of potatoes make this flavorso
  • aloo jeera
    Delicious diced potatoes cooked in array of spices and tempered with jeera.
  • aloo do pyaza
    Diced potatoes tossed in a thick onion tomato gravy enriched with whole spi

combos and meals

  • Vegpaneer butter masala meal
    Paneer Butter Masala+4 Tawa Butter Roti/2 Tandoori Butter Roti+Achar+Salad
  • Vegmix veg combo
    Mixed Veg+Dal Makhani+4 Tawa Roti/2 Tandoori Roti+Rice+Achar+Papad+Salad+Gu
  • Vegmasala khichadi combo
    Masala Khichadi+Curd+Papad+Pickle+Salad
  • Vegchana masala meal
    Masala Kulcha+Chana Masala+Gulab Jamun [1 Piece]+Achar+Papad+Salad
  • Vegaloo parantha meal
    2 Aloo Parantha+Green Chutney+Pickle
  • aloo matar meal
    Aloo Matar+Yellow Dal+4 Tawa Roti/2 Tandoori Roti+Rice+Achar+Papad+Salad

rice bowls

  • Vegrajma with rice bowl
  • Vegpaneer butter masala with rice bowl
  • Vegdal makhani with rice bowl
  • Vegchana masala with rice bowl
  • Vegaloo matar with rice bowl


  • Vegroasted papad
    Savory and slightly spicy wafer disc roasted until crispy.
  • Vegplain dahi
    Delicious, refreshing, and healthy bowl of yogurt that makes a fine side fo
  • Vegpineapple raita
    Pineapple mix in fresh curd.
  • Otheronion salad
    A zesty salad made with roundels of freshly cut onions and a sprinkle of sp
  • Vegmixed raita
    Finely chopped vegetables added to spiced curd.
  • Vegmasala papad
    Crispy papad topped with vegetables, coriander and lemon juice.
  • masala onion salad
    Juicy onion slices mixed with succulent spices and topped with lime juice.
  • green salad
    This healthy salad is loaded with fresh leafy greens.
  • fried papad
    Deep fried, thin and crispy papad. Makes a perfect crunchy team with Indian
  • boondi raita
    Crispy besan boondi in beaten fresh yogurt.


  • veg pulao
    Assorted vegetables and rice cooked together and seasoned with fragrant spi
  • peas pulao
    Delicious and comforting one pot dish featuring rice, peas and mild spices.
  • paneer pulao
    Tickle your palate with this delicious rice pilaf packed with fresh paneer
  • masala khichdi
    A spicy twist to home cooked khichdi, this dish not only fills your tummy b
  • kashmiri pulao
    A traditional Kashmiri dish, this mildly spicy and flavour loaded rice dish
  • jeera rice
    Steamed white rice tempered with cumin seeds in clarified butter.
  • basmati rice
    Fragrant, perfectly cooked steamed, long basmati rice.


  • tandoori roti
    Unleavened flatbread cooked in a clay oven.
  • plain tawa roti
    Handmade soft and fluffy flatbread, cooked on an iron griddle.
  • paneer kulcha
    Freshly baked soft flatbread stuffed with cottage cheese.
  • onion kulcha
    Enjoy the rich flavour of onion kulcha with a sabzi or dal or your choice.
  • missi roti
    Slightly spicy shallow fried flatbread made with assorted flours.
  • masala kulcha
    Soft and spongy kulcha with a spicy filling.
  • lachha paratha
    Multi layered shallow fried Punjabi style, delectable paratha.
  • garlic naan
    Soft and fluffy flatbread flavored with garlic.
  • cheese naan
    Savory, soft flatbread stuffed with grated cheese that makes it absolutely
  • cheese garlic naan
    A mouth watering naan filled with a stuffing of cheese and enriched with th
  • butter tawa roti
    Soft, fluffy, whole wheat flatbread cooked on an iron griddle and generousl
  • butter tandoori roti
    Freshly baked flatbread topped with butter.
  • butter naan
    Indian flatbread made with all purpose flour and topped with butter.
  • aloo paratha
    Shallow fried flatbread with a stuffing of mashed potatoes.

desserts and beverages

  • Otherthums up [200 ml]
    Refreshing, smoky and mind blowing beverage to rejuvenate your senses on a
  • sweet fresh lime soda
    A refreshing beverage made from sugar, lime juice, crushed ice and club sod
  • Othersprite [200 ml]
    Popular carbonated cold beverage, with a flavour of lime.
  • soda shikanji
    Chilled thirst quenching beverage made of soda, lime juice, sugar and salt.
  • salt fresh lime soda
    A savory beverage that packs in a punch of lime juice, club soda, and crush
  • 38% off
    Otherpepsi [250 ml]
    A glass of refreshing Pepsi.
  • Othermineral water [1 litre]
  • gulab jamun [2 pieces]
    Round milk based dumplings dipped in sugar syrup.
  • gajar ka halwa
    A decadently tasty and indulgent dessert made from carrots, milk, sugar and
  • evocus mineral water [500 ml]
    Alkaline water enriched with miracle minerals, 75+minerals, gluten free, al
  • Othercoke [200 ml]


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