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Effar Safawi Dates 500gm

Effar Safawi Dates 500gm

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Premium quality Safawi dates online

If you want to buy Safawi dates online, Effar Dates and Dry Fruits Store promises the best quality khajur in the market. Safawi dates are dark-colored delicacies loaded with goodness and flavor. Popular among Indians during the festive season, these dates are now a common household product for preparing desserts, syrups, chutneys, and a lot of other savory dishes.

Safawi dates are demanded worldwide because of their softness, fleshy texture, and caramel-like taste. 

Health benefits of Safawi Dates:

  • These khajurs are rich in fiber, sulfur, phosphorus, manganese and copper - making them a rich source of micronutrients and antioxidants.
  • The nutrients present in Safawi dates help in keeping your stomach healthy and your metabolism in check.
  • These dates are high in sugar energy but low in fat, making them a good snack for heart patients.

Buy Safawi Dates online from Effar’s 

  • Get best Safawi dates online packaged from FSSAI certified units.
  • Safawi dates’ price can be high when you choose to shop online owing to its huge popularity among Indians, but we ensure to deliver the most reasonable and affordable packages right at your doorstep.

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