Advanced Intimate Hygiene Cleanser For Male

Keva Industries has launched a new product for intimate care of men named as Kaipo Intimate Hygiene wash for Men. It is a quality product produced under GMP regulations. Kaipo Intimate Hygiene Wash For men is specially formulated wash having proven herbal and natural ingredients for gentle and effective cleansing of the masculine intimate area. Kaipo Intimate Hygiene Wash has a effective antibacterial formula which helps t to remove foul odor. Kaipo Intimate Hygiene Wash helps in enhances cleanliness and hygiene. Kaipo Intimate Hygiene Wash acts as a cleanser and protects from various infections as well as lightens skin tone. Kaipo Intimate Hygiene Wash provides long lasting dryness, freshness and fragrance in your privates and makes it much more comfortable and easier for you to go through your day without worrying about your sweaty nether region. Kaipo Intimate Hygiene Wash benefits: Avoid any disease due to sweat Prevents from infections Prevents odor Balances pH of skin Lightens skin tone Cleansing formula Soap free Contains Aloe Vera extract Vitamin E pH: 3.5 (approximately) Gentle on skin Complete intimate care formulation Directions to use: Step: Spray once or twice a day. Step 2: Gently rub in circular motions into wet genitals for 20-30 seconds and luxuriate in the gorgeous musky scent Step 3: Rinse with water and pat dry. Note: Store in Cool, dark and dry place.
Per 18 ml

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