Kaipo Badam Kheer

Badam kheer It is a traditional indian dessert, made especially during festival seasons or during celebrations and occasions. It is a filling, rich and creamy dessert filled with the goodness of crushed almonds and other dry fruits. In addition to its sweet and creamy taste, it is filled with healthy nutrients and hence it is ideal to be severed to kids. Almonds are high in protein, therefore its good to include them in your daily meals. Different reasons of consuming Kheer It provides a complete cooling effect on the human body. This is very helpful during the summer season when there is a subtle energy that is used to control metabolism and control the overheat nature of the body. The rice in the kheer recipe is very rich in carbohydrates that help in restoring the glycogen, which gets depleted during heavy exercises. One of the primary ingredients of the kheer recipe is the milk. It contains amino acids that are required to maintain and perform many tasks. Ingredients: Rice, Almond, Pista, Cardamom, Aloe Vera EXT., Arjuna EXT., Brahami EXT., and Ashwagandha EXT. Direction Of Use: Now no need to add sugar and rice. Just open the packet of badam kheer and mix it in 1kg of boiling milk. Keep this for 20 minutes on low flame. Cool it and keep it in refrigerator. Now enjoy, nutritious, healthy and delicious Badaam Kheer. You can serve badam kheer hot, warm or chilled.
Per 140 gm

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