Keva Pimple Care Gel

Keva Pimple Care Gel has been introduced giving perfect solution to treat and cure the problems of outbreaks, pimples can be caused from outer environment or different body disorders. Herbal blend in this product can help in sudden outbreaks and pimples and leaving your skin satin soft and supple.heals infection while keeping the skin soft and smooth It is a blend of herbal ingredients that possess excellent astringent, healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which are useful in making your skin healthy and free from skin disorders. It also moisturizes your skin deeply and protects it against environmental pollutants Reduces pimples caused due to acne. Reduces acne and also pain caused by it. Reduces black spots. Reduces blemishes due to acne.. Directions for Use:  Wash your face, and apply a small quantity of this gel over the affected areas with clean finger tips and leave on. Use daily at bedtime for better results.
Per 50 gm

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