Keva Rich Cocoa Nourishing Cream

Keva Rich Cocoa Nourishing cream is an all-natural face cream that goes to work the minute it comes into contact with your skin. This works hard to soothe, nourish normal to dry skin and provides long lasting moisturization to 24 hours! Natural ingredients such as milk, Cocoa butter combined together to heal, moisturize and supple the skin whilst giving the skin extra beneficial nutrients. Keva Rich Cocoa Nourishing Cream is an ayurvedic product which helps to improve the skin hydration. This product is enriched with cocoa butter so it is used by the dry skin especially to make it moisturized. Cocoa is the natural ingredient which helps to make the hydrated, nourished, and sooth skin. This is the natural skin cream that works within a minute after come into the contact with skin. It works by sooth and nourish the skin especially to dry and normal skin for longer time period about 24 hours. It contains the natural ingredients such as cocoa butter and milk, when used in combination it help to nourish, soft, and moisturize the skin and it also gives the extra soft, smooth, nourished, moisturized, hydrated, and lighten skin. This product helps to improve the elasticity into the skin by making the dry skin into hydrated skin. Cocoa contains the antioxidants so helps to boost the elasticity and make the young skin. This is herbal product so it do not make any harm to the skin. HOW IT WORK Extra nourished and hydrated skin Instant effect to the skin Moisturized and hydrate the skin about 24 hours Specially used for dry and normal skin texture Smooth, soft and soothing skin Herbal and natural product Pure and ayurvedic No side effect HOW TO USE Wash the face with clean water. Take sufficient amount of rich cocoa nourishing cream into the palm of your hand. Apply this cream on the face and let it absorb in the skin. As per requirement use this cream two times a day, it helps make the hydrated, nourished, and soothing skin.
Per 50 gm

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