Keva Skin Soothing Cream

Keva Skin Soothing cream is enriched with Aloe Vera which is renowned for its incredible soothing, hydrating and moisturizing properties perfect for sensitive skin. This light cream is perfect for all the day use and keeps the facial skin healthy and hydrated. It deeply moisturizes the layer by removing all the signs of dryness, gently soothes irritated and sun exposed skin providing instant relief. Comes in light yet creamy textureleaves skin soft and smooth. Re-energizes ageing skin cells thereby improving skin texture.Keva Skin Soothing Cream is an ayurvedic product which helps to care about the oily skin especially but it also helps to take care about the dry, sensitive and normal skin types. This product is enriched with aloe vera so it helps to remove the oily particles from the skin to make it oil free and smooth skin. This is manufactured by the use of natural, herbal, and pure ingredients so it do not make harm to the skin and also reduce and improve the skin problems. Use of aloe vera in this product makes the hydrated and moisturized skin. This cream is perfect for the whole day use and keep the skin hydrated, healthy, and smooth. It makes the nourished and dull free skin from the deep layer of the skin and remove the dryness, dullness, pollutants, and irritated skin. It also helps to protect the skin from harmful UV rays and also sun burning light, if the person is exposed with sunlight than it helps to provide instant relief. It helps to make nourished, protective, smooth and soft skin. HOW IT WORKS Smooth, soft, hydrated, and nourished skin Healthy and moisturized skin Instant relief from exposure of skin Pure and herbal Ayurvedic and natural product No side effect Specially for oily skin HOW TO USE Wash the face with clean water. Take sufficient amount of skin soothing cream into the palm of your hand. Apply this cream on the face and let it absorb in the skin. As per requirement use this cream two times a day, it helps to protect the skin from sunlight Protect from Heat & sunlight.
Per 50 gm

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