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Ramen Noodles

       Since the Korean War, Ramyeon (or Korean ramen) became an inexpensive filler food. It helped keep bellies full when food like rice was scarce. Developed in 1963 by the Samyang Food Company. This came with the help of Japanese ramen, a reinterpretation of the original Chinese ramen noodle. They developed spice packages that provided a well-rounded mix of nutrients and minerals. Not only did this save Koreans, but it also became a worldwide phenomenon. Instant ramen surged in popularity in the 1980s and experienced a resurgence in the 2000s. 

       Today, Korean-style ramen noodles are part of an entire Korean food line called K-Food. Of course, this includes classic ramen and instant noodles but also barbecue, rice bowls, and other seafood delicacies. When Koreans are overseas, they always eat a bowl of ramen to remind them of the comforts of home.