rajasthan traditional cuisine

  • gatte ro saag
    traditional Rajasthani gatte ro saag can be enjoyed with any roti or rice
  • sewai kheer
    sewai kheer mixed with dry fruits and secret flavored
  • ker sangriya saag
    traditional Rajasthani dish, it is enjoyed with any roti
  • khichiya
    khichiya is a side platter with any dish
  • bajri roti
    bajri roti garnished with pure ghee
  • makki roti
    makki roti garnished with pure ghee
  • matki dahi
  • churma sweet
    wheat chutma sweet mixed with dry fruits and pure ghee
  • besan mirchi
    chilli fried with besan and spices to add more taste to yoir meal
  • pakora kadi
    marwardi kadi mixed with pattie, can be had directly or with roti or rice
  • rajasthani kadi
    Rajasthani kadi can be combined with any roti or rice
  • rajasthani dal dhokli
  • muthiya fry
    Fried Rajasthani muthiya, can be enjoyed direct or with sause, traditionall
  • dal fry
    traditional dal can be enjoyed with combo of bati or rice
  • vegetable pulav
    Vegetable pulav can be had directly, can enjoy with khichiya papad and dahi
  • khoba roti masala
    khoba roti added with spices and traditional flavors
  • khoba roti plain
    traditional whole wheat baked khoba roti garnished with pure ghee
  • churma ladoo
    pure ghee curma ladoo
  • masala batiya
    wheat batiya stuffed with potato and peas and garnished with ghee to please
  • plain batiya
    baked batiya garnished with pure ghee.


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