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Hinduism Religion Spiritual Lord Hanuman Ji Murti Table Decorative God Showpiece - 909

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Material: Ashtadhatu (Made of Eight Metals)

Approx Weight of Product: 690 Gm

Product Dimension in CM (L*B): 17 X 7 Cm

Package Contents: 1 Standing Hanuman Ji Idol

  • This Royal Ashtadhatu(made of eight metals) Handicraft can be the perfect gift for any festival occasion Specially and can also be used to decorate the house like Dining Room, Hotel, Restaurant, Office Corporate Gift, Marriage Anniversary, Wedding Gift.
  • A POSITIVE IMPACT As per VASTU Mythology Religious Spiritual Idols Showpieces Placed in North East Direction of Drawing / Living & Pooja Room brings Wealth, Health, Peace & Happiness.
  • This idol is made up of Ashtadhatu(made of eight metals) Traditional composition is gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, tin, iron and antimony or mercury its exact composition is not known. The metals are mixed and then the idols are casted after which they are thoroughly hand polished Due to their sacredness and rarity, these pure idols are very susceptible auspicious.

This is a handcrafted figurine of Lord Hanuman Ji, a Hindu deity who is one of the most important gods in the Hindu pantheon. This figurine is made of wood and has a beautiful paint job. This figurine can be used as a decoration or as a reminder of faith.

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