• pepper notchicken rasam (350ml)
    A classic South Indian pepper soup. (350 ml)


  • not chicken 65 (200g)
    Does this need a description?


  • green gram payasam (185g)
    A healthy cup of green gram payasam to go with your tasty meals!
  • carrot halwa (185g)
    Made with Vegan Ghee. Halwa that melts in your mouth.


  • naan
    Consume it like regular people OR.. You can also use our naan to write poem
  • garlic naan
    Keeps getting better doesn't it?
  • whole wheat roti x 1
    Fluffy whole wheat Roti

main course

  • desi fusion penne
    Al dente Penne pasta sauteed with desi makhani sauce and some love. After e
  • jain friendly tofu makhani gravy
    Yes. It's Jain and No we haven't compromised on the taste!
  • shawarma platter
    2 small flat breads, tofu and mock meat fillings, veggie salad, fries and c
  • mushroom butter masala 500ml
    Roasted mushrooms tossed in a Punjabi style masala, sauteed tomatoes and on
  • kadai tofu (500ml)
    Soft spongy tofu marinated in a special blend of masala, shallow fried and
  • tandoori tofu shawarma
    Smokey tofu, the cashew mayo & pita bread... Our best combination yet!
  • not chicken shawarma
    Yes, you read it right. It's NOT CHICKEN. BUT TASTES & FEELS LIKE IT! TOTAL
  • curry - tofu - italiano (450ml)
    Exactly what the name defines it to be..smoked paprika, Italian herbs & a l
  • chettinad notchicken (500ml)
    Made with Fresh, homemade chettinad masala, our efforts will be evident whe
    Out of Stock
  • butter not chicken masala (500ml)
    Top notch not chicken, you'll never have to be guilty again!
  • kadai notchicken semigravy (500ml)
  • tofu makhani gravy
    Ever classic tofu makhani gravy
  • roti & gravy
    4 whole wheat rotis with 350ml of any of the three gravies.. Perfect meal f
  • champion combo 1
    500ml of Tofu Makhani + 1kg peas Pulao. ASSEMBLE YOUR FOOD TEAM TO FIGHT HU


  • fusion surprise dum biriyani(1/2 kg)
    Our super aromatic, flavourful mock meat Dum Biriyani with a continental tw
  • mushroom dum biryani (1kg)
    1 kg serves one Biriyani lover. Our very unique peanut curd raitha + The ex
  • notchicken dum biriyani (1kg)
    Behold the best Biriyani in town! 1kg serves 1 Biriyani lover ;)
  • tofu dum biryani(1kg)
    The smoked Biriyani needs no description we believe..
  • tofu dum biriyani (1/2)
    Super classic, flavourful south indian style Biriyani. It keeps getting bet
  • mushroom dum biriyani (1/2)
    Our very unique peanut curd raitha + The exploding flavours of Smoked Mushr


  • fried - rice & noodles (serves 1)
    Desi style wok fried Rice and noodles. Tofu, mock meat & hakka
  • peas pulao (500g)
    Indulge yourself in peace with the very green Peas Pulau Steamed Basmathi R
  • tofu fried rice(serves 1)
    Indian street food style tofu fried rice with a twist, for your desi side :
  • basmati rice (600g)
    As our parents would say it, White Rice.
  • jeera rice (500g)
    Rice with Jeera. Simple yet efficient.
  • thayir saadham
    Made with cashew curd, served with a pickle. Creamier than cream ;)


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