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Sharp Corporation Purifying Humidifier C-G40M-W (White, Coverage 300 Sq Ft)

Sharp Corporation Purifying Humidifier C-G40M-W (White, Coverage 300 Sq Ft)

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Designed to purify rooms up to 350 Sq. Ft, the Sharp KC-G40M-W Portable Air Purifier & Humidifier removes microorganisms and allergens from the air and releases clean air to the room. Also, Sharp Air Purifier comes with humidifying function, making them a reliable choice for every home. Be it dry summer or dry winters, this air purifier & Humidifier will work as best partner with your air conditioners and heaters. Ideal humidity reduces proliferation of microbes and reduces respiratory problems. True HEPA & activated carbon filter efficiently captures 99.97% of airborne impurities.

Plasmacluster spot mode
It is a special mode in which high-density concentration of Plasmacluster ions are discharged forward, thus effectively removing odours, bacteria and viruses in remote areas of the room.

Panda filter
The panda filter deodorizes the odour into smaller substances with the help of an inorganic solvent which is added in the filter. The synthetic enzymes enable the decomposition, thereby removing odour from the indoor areas. 

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