Origin: Sanskrit

A deep respect for all things handmade and an unending sense of wonderment at the richness of India's Arts and Crafts were the most important factors leading to the birth of Tamaala. Add to this the dwindling state of  traditional handicrafts and the struggles of the Indian Artisan, and we had more than enough reason to start something to improve this situation. Our business is an attempt to bring back the Rural Artisans to the craft they excel in by creating more sources of revenue, furthering their sustenance and therefore, reviving the art/ craft form. Empowering the Artist/ Artisan is the key to revitalising and celebrating India's rich artistic heritage.

We at present work with 160 + rural artisans from 15 out of 72 regions of Geographical Indication in India. Overall we are engaging with artisans from 39 craft & art clusters. Post Covid 19 our effort has been to maximise income for the rural & tribal artisans using design, our TMAP ( Terracotta Mobile Amplifier Project ) project is one such attempt. 

We have an art space located in J P Nagar, South Bangalore, which not only serves as a retail space but facilitates art and design discussions & workshops.