Bluetooth Speakers Buying Guide

Music is not just about listening but feeling it right within your bones. There can be nothing better than grooving to each beat of music whenever you are partying. And to experience this, you will need to have the best quality Bluetooth speakers.

But what are Bluetooth speakers, and what do they offer? Let’s check out.

What are Bluetooth Speakers?

If you are not familiar with electronic gadgets, you must be thinking, “what are Bluetooth speakers?” It is nothing but an amplified loudspeaker that comes with Bluetooth connectivity. You can easily pair them with numerous devices, including iPods, smartphones, computers, tablets, etc. It receives digitally compressed audio streams from the host device to deliver seamless music and rich audio.

Let us now check out the smart features incorporated within Bluetooth speakers.

Features of Bluetooth Speakers

Some of the outstanding features of Bluetooth speakers include:

  • IPX Water Resistant:Party poopers will no longer be a disturbance as the speakers have IPX water-resistant features. Say goodbye to your party spoiling moments.
  • Rich Immersive Audio:The immersive audio of the Bluetooth speakers makes it a go-to solution for non-stop party requirements. With explosive music experience, you can take your house party to the next level.
  • Integrated Controls:These usually come with easy navigation controls where you can change tracks and increase/decrease volume. The voice assistant feature lets you search and play your favourite soundtrack.
  • Exceptionally Longer Battery Life: The Bluetooth speakers let you enjoy incredibly long hours of non-stop music. So with a single charge, you can indulge in seamless audio for more than 25 hours.

We will now take a quick look at the types of Bluetooth speakers available.

Types of Bluetooth Speakers

Out of the numerous types of Bluetooth speakers, the most common ones include:

  • Bookshelf Speakers: It is a home theater system that must be placed at 41 inches. The surrounding sound will give you an 8D listening experience.
  • Floor-Standing Speakers: As the name suggests, these provide enriched music and can be placed on your room’s floor. The strong bass and excellent treble produce a sound just like a concert.
  • Subwoofers:Another name for Bluetooth speakers that are easily portable and suit all your party needs.
  • Satellite Speakers:Like Bluetooth speakers, you can place them anywhere like a satellite. It functions while receiving satellite transmissions.

With so many options around, can you buy the best?

How to buy Bluetooth Speakers

If you’re wondering how to buy Bluetooth speakers, we will guide you. The first and foremost thing you must determine is the purpose of your Bluetooth speakers. Once you know that, it will be easier to check other integrated features. You must consider the power and audio quality of the speakers and ensure it comes with an excellent battery backup. And finally, you must check whether it is durable and offers seamless connectivity while playing high-quality audio.

Bluetooth Speakers Price

GOVO has come up with some excellent ranges of Bluetooth speakers built with cutting edge technology. Each of their speakers - GOCRUSH- has been designed to fit perfectly all your musical requirements. The Bluetooth speakers price offered by GOVO are as follows:

Model Description
GOVO Gocrush 410 Taking a short vacation all by yourself? Non-stop music is precisely what you need to keep yourself sane to the core. The inbuilt voice assistant lets you run your commands for playing your all-time favorite tracks. Keep grooving and always connected with Bluetooth 5.0 at an affordable price of just ₹1,199.
GOVO Gocrush 421 Are you looking forward to a whole night party with non-stop musical entertainment? Enjoy your groove with GOCRUSH 421 at just ₹1,299 with more than 15 hours of battery life. Your crystal explicit party songs will never be interrupted as there’s no fear of the battery draining out.
GOVO Gocrush 900 With 25 hours of non-stop musical entertainment and 16W explosive sound, this Bluetooth speaker comes at just ₹3,299. The premium quality fabric is sweat and water-resistant, protecting the speakers from drenching. Say no to zero entertainment when you’re enjoying the pool time all by yourself.

Music knows no bounds. And your musical entertainment shouldn’t be compromised as well. Get your favorite GOVO GOCRUSH speaker today to suit your entertainment needs. Let’s plunge into the pool of non-stop musical entertainment right away!

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