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Ashani Sanketham, Bibhutibhushan Bandhopadhyay, Katyayani

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Price 150/-
Pages 136
Writer Bibhutibhushan Bandhopadhyay
Translator Katyayani


Ashani Sanket tells the story of a Brahmin couple in a Bengal village just before and during the Bengal Famine of 1943 which killed around 3 million people. They make a happy and devoted couple, with two small sons and a dream of having a good life. But instead of seeing good days, their life is struck by one of the worst famines in the history of the world. According to most historians, the 1943 famine was man-made, caused by the British colonial policies of food distribution during WWII.
The novel captures the helplessness of the characters. There are moments of villagers helping each other out with whatever little food they have stored, or feeling terrible about not being able to share in order to save their own families. It's a story of struggle and camaraderie, and horror looming over the horizon

సినిమా రూపంలో చూస్తున్నప్పుడే కాదు, అక్షరాలలో చదువుతున్నప్పుడు కూడా గాఢమైన అనుభూతినిచ్చే దృశ్యావరణం లోనికి పాఠకులను ప్రవేశపెడతాడు బిభూతిభూషణ్. 1943 నాటి బెంగాల్ కరువును దృశ్యమానం చేసిన నవల“అశనిసంకేతం.” ఆనాటి మానవ విషాదాన్ని గొప్ప ఆర్తితో చిత్రించిన ఈ రచన “కరువు"లోని వివిధ పార్శ్వాలనూ, దాన్ని సృష్టించిన శక్తుల స్వరూపాలనూ కళ్ళకు కడుతుంది.


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