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Chakrala Kurchi, Naseema Hurzuk

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This appeared as a serial in Sakal daily's literary supplement Saptrang and is the memoir of a physically challenged quadriplegic woman from Kolhapur. At age 16, Naseema Hurzuk lost use of the lower half of her body. From being a chirpy junior college student she could not even turn around in her bed after an accident. Wheelchair-bound, her days were spent crying and thinking of suicide. From the depths of her pain and helplessness, she turned her life around. She battled repeated rejections, insurmountable difficulties and humiliations, participated in sporting events in Mumbai and Englandand founded an organisation for challenged persons called the Helpers of Handicapped at Kolhapur.. \n \nNaseema Hurzuk writes in Marathi. Translator Radha Murthi lives in Hyderabad.

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