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Manaku teliyani MS, TJS George, translator Volga

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Manaku teliyani MS, TJS George, translator Volga, 240 pp, Rs. 150 \nT. J. S. George traces MS’ journey from her beginnings as a singer in Madurai, through her breakthrough performance at the prestigious Madras Music Academy in 1932, to her carving out a place for herself as a cultural icon. Besides exploring MS’s genius, the author describes the musical and social milieu that she was part of and the various barriers she was instrumental in breaking in the course of her journey to superstardom. He covers her stint as an actress and looks at how her career was helped by various mentors and sponsors, including C. Rajagopalachari, India’s last governor general. He pays particular attention to the role of her husband, T. Sadavisam, in the creation and burnishing of MS’s reputation. He examines the various controversies that surrounded her origins and also underlines her essential humility and generosity. \nTJS George T. J. S. George is a journalist who began his career at the Free Press Journal in 1950 and was the founding editor of Asia week. He established himself as a serious political author and biographer with a series of major books, including Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore, the Life and Times of Nargis and Krishna Menon: A Biography. He is editorial adviser to the New Indian Express and lives in Bangalore. \nVolga is a noted writer, translator and essayist of the feminist movement. \n \nhttps://play.google.com/store/books/details/TJS_George_Volga_Translator_Manaku_Teliyani_MS?id=ZgAeEAAAQBAJ \n \nhttps://www.facebook.com/HBTBooks/videos/289813566051176

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