About Us

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Iraaloom is a shiny example of an environmentally conscious business. Starting from its production line, Iraaloom is in a bid to battle single-use plastic and encourage a zero-waste lifestyle, the Kerala-based company created innovative eco-friendly products that can be easily composted, recycled, or biodegraded, using solely post-consumer recycled or renewable material. The brand’s next objective is to make its supply chain fully carbon-neutral by 2025.

We sell only sustainable products, aiming to be India’s first-ever and largest responsible e-commerce platform to represent sustainable brands. We mainly work in the field of handicrafts and handlooms. When we started in 2019, our mission was to provide support to the small-medium clusters and also the artisan communities to handle the supply chain and fulfillment and provide guarantees to the customers, who could be B2B and B2C.