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KSJ Teaching All Courses Details

At KSJ Teaching we have always tried to provide the best of our knowledge to our Students who we call as KSJ Family. 

Here we would like to share the details of all the courses provided by KSJ Teaching that will add value to your Preparation.


Regular Courses

As a part of initiative of providing QUALITY EDUCATION AT MINIMAL COST, Regular Courses of Cost Accounting, Financial Management & Economics for Finance are available FREE of COST on our YouTube channel KSJ Teaching.

These courses are useful for prepartion of various Professional Exams like CA, CMA, CS, B.Com, UPSC etc.

Cost Accounting Lectures are available in Hindi & English on YouTube.

Financial Management Hindi Lectures are available on YouTube and English Lectures on our Mobile app at a small Investment (Mobile App Links given below).

Economics for Finance Hindi Lectures are available on YouTube.

We have made our best efforts in sharing our in depth knowledge of subjects for your benefit. Its your turn now to make the best use of these Lectures.

If you like the content, please do spread a word about KSJ Teaching so others can also make use of these lectures.

Lets GROW together.


Handbooks are available for Cost Accounting, Financial Management & Economics are Finance.

Handbooks are in line with FREE YouTube Lectures.

These Handbooks are not just piece of paper but a bundle of knowldge curated with Experience to help you gain maximum with minimum Investment. 

Along with all the theoretical knowldge, these Handbooks cover variety of Questions in Practical part to help you gain confidence in attempting a practical Question.

Cost Accounting Fast-Track Course

Fast-Track Courses provide the best way to cover the entire syllabus in less time. Keeping the requirements of our students in mind we have created the most resourseful fast-track batch of Cost Accounting covering the entire syllabus imparting theoretical as well as practical knowledge. 

Fast-Track Courses are available on our Mobile App (Links below).

Fast-Track Courses are available in Hindi as well as English Language.


Study Material Ques. Discussion Series

ICAI Study Material Question Discussion Series are available for Cost Accounting as well as Financial Management.

This series has been the most favourite one for thousand of students who got benefitted from it for the simple reason that Institute has the tendency of asking 50-60% paper from Study Material itself. 

This is NOT TO BE MISSED Course.


Costing ALL ROUNDER Course

Costing All Rounder is a comprehensive practice series where we have covered ICAI SM + RTP + MTP + Previous Year Questions. You do not need anything else than this for your practical preparation.

Currently Costing All Rounder Course is available in HINDI only.


Karlo Costing Muthi Main

This course is a combination of Costing Fast-Track Course & Costing ALL Rounder Course.


CMA Inter Courses

CMA Inter Regular Courses of Cost Accounting & Financial Management are available on YouTube only as discussed above.

CMA Inter Paper-8 Cost Accounting Study Material Question Discussion Course will cover all the Illustrations as well as unsolved practice problems. In this course we will discuss how to approach the questions to make Costing your favourite subject and no more a nightmare for you. This Course is available on our Mobile app.


For any other Enquiries you can Email us at:

For all the Paid courses, whatsapp query support is available.

For free Lectures, Query Support is available through Email.


All the above courses are available on our Android/iOS Mobile App:


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iOS App

(For iOS App ORG Code is ‘HMRPY’)


Show your Support towards this initiative of KSJ Teaching by making everyone aware that Quality Education is actually affordable with KSJ Teaching.


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