About Us

LocalBee India is all about food. They say you are what you eat. Let’s break this.

Food provides us nutrition & is connected to our long-term health, our overall wellness, our fitness levels, our behavior, and is very important for our minds too.

We eat multiple times throughout the day. We have to make sure that we eat well. Over time, what we eat is what we become.

How magical would it be if all our favorite food items were freshly made, homemade, and served to us? We would definitely be satisfied knowing we are eating good food that is good for our bodies & overall health.

But can we really have access to all our favorite food items, all freshly made, homemade?

Yes, now you can with LocalBee India.

LocalBee India is a platform (marketplace) for fresh, homemade, and local food made by experienced home chefs in their hygienic home kitchens.

Probably, 3 buildings away (in any direction you choose), from where you are sitting & reading this, there are home chefs making delicious food items but, we do not know about them, their products and hence we cannot find them or order from them.

With LocalBee, you can now discover home chefs around you, browse through their products and order with them.

Let’s say,

You want to eat some snacks. Would you prefer processed & commercially made snacks for your body, if you had the option to opt for freshly made homemade snacks?

Maybe you are craving a delicious dip. Would you prefer a dip with preservatives that was made a month ago in a factory or a fresh batch of your favorite dip coming from a home chef in your area?

Also, which one would you trust more?

Most of us would prefer fresh and homemade food options if they were easy to find & order from.

LocalBee is our attempt to help you discover home chefs around your vicinity so that you have access to your favorite food items, all freshly made, homemade & prepared in hygienic home kitchens.

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