Q1. Where are these food products made? Is there a physical shop we can visit?

Q2. What checks does LocalBee India do, to ensure that the food is of good quality and prepared in a neat and clean environment?


(Source - https://www.fssai.gov.in/)

Q3. Does LocalBee India have its own manufacturing facility or makes the items themselves?

Q4. Does LocalBee India have an FSSAI Registration?

Q5. Is LocalBee India accountable for the quality, quantity, and delivery of the food items?

Q6. I am finding the prices of the food items on LocalBee to be costlier than that available outside?

Yes, you may find the prices of food items higher on LocalBee as compared to outside shops. For a higher price, here is what you get –

  1. Fresh food, made to order – Not factory-made food, made days in advance.
  2. Since your order is freshly prepared, no preservatives are required – In shops outside, food packets are prepared in days or even months in advance & may need preservatives for long shelf life.
  3. Made by experienced chefs & customisation also possible – Made by machines primarily & customisation not possible.

Q7. Do the LocalBee India team order food and snacks online on the website even with higher prices?

Q8. Is customization of food products available?

Q9. What is the minimum order quantity?

Q10. What are your delivery charges?

Q10. What are your packaging charges?

Q11. Can I place my order on Whatsapp?

Q12. I want to speak to someone from LocalBee India Team?

Q13. Can I edit/modify my order?

Q14. I want to cancel my order?

Q15. I want a refund of my order?


10 quotes on homemade food that we leave you with to ponder on –

  1. Those who don’t lose weight on the scale but are otherwise leading a healthy, disciplined life are called “Metabolically Fit”.
  2. An Indian kitchen is a powerhouse of delicious and healthy homemade food backed by nutrition science and is well suited for our bodies.
  3. Hunger is a sign of youth, health, happiness, and peace.
  4. No homemade food is fattening. You have to just be smart enough to choose the right time to eat it.
  5. All religions you believe in or are born into, no matter how old or new always place special emphasis on food.
  6. A good homemade food/snack if eaten well as a meal in the morning can put any cereal and milk, toast and beans, etc to shame.
  7. The changes that homemade food brings to your body are inwardly silent and you only realize it once you get old and see others suffering.
  8. A calm state of mind actually prevents the conversion of food to fat.
  9. Homemade food is medicine to the heart and body.
  10. Eating homemade food 1st thing in the morning will lead to –
    1. An increase in blood sugar & energy levels leading to an increase in metabolic rate & fat burning, &
    2. A decrease in acidity & bloating, which will reduce the chances of overeating later in the day.
    3. Stabilize blood sugar levels throughout the day, which again means very fewer chances of getting fat.
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