Facebook Domain Verification

Facebook Domain Verification

Verify and connect your domain to your account for enhanced ad targeting and security.

Domain Verification is the process of telling Facebook that you own the website. You just need to enter the code to your website and Facebook will use that to verify. Once it’s verified, you can associate your Facebook page with your verified domain so that Facebook knows it’s okay for that page to edit link previews from that website.


  • Manage ad links edit permissions
  • Manage organic link editing permissions
  • Sell on Facebook Commerce surfaces as a business

Installation guide

Here's how you can start using Facebook Domain Verification:

  • Log in to your Facebook Business Manager Account
  • Click on Setting
  • Click on Brand Safety and then select Domains
  • Now click on Add and paste your website address
  • Copy the meta tag
  • Install the plugin and paste the meta tag. Click on Connect to finish.


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