Boost conversion rates by showcasing real-time customer activity on your site.

Fomo displays recent orders on your Dukaan storefront. It's the online equivalent of a busy store, showing prospective customers that other people are buying your products.

This has been proven to dramatically increase purchase conversions and create a sense of urgency for your website visitors.


  • You can choose to display every order, some orders, or only orders from a certain time period. This means that Fomo will work for you, even if you don't have many orders.
  • Store owners can position Fomo in any corner (bottom left, bottom right, top left, top right) – whatever works best for your store.
  • Fomo is lightweight and built to scale, so it won't slow down your site.
  • Works on mobile - Choose how your notifications are displayed on mobile, or turn them off for mobile devices.
  • Randomize notification delays for a more life-like experience.
  • Hide Fomo from specific pages.
  • Remove individual notifications.
  • See users interact with your notifications in real-time via our live notification list
  • Customize the message, style, position, and timing to suit your branding.

Installation guide

Here’s how you can start using the Fomo plugin:

  • To start using Fomo, create an account on Fomo or log in (if you have one).
  • On the home screen, click on Settings.
  • Click on Site and scroll down to Auth Token .
  • Click on the eye symbol next to the refresh token button and copy the Auth Token . Keep this noted somewhere.
  • Click on Embed under Settings.
  • Your Embed Snippet will be mentioned here. Copy this Embed Snippet.
  • Now, Install the Fomo plugin on Dukaan.
  • Click on Settings and it’ll ask for Auth Token and Embed Snippet.
  • Paste your Auth Token and Embed Snippet here to complete the installation.


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