Empower your email and omnichannel marketing strategies with this platform.

Clothes make the man, and a great template makes the email. Our editor and templates mean you will no longer need a graphic designer or knowledge of HTML. You can easily design your newsletter yourself or you can start from one of our ready-made templates. Meaning you can send out your first campaign within a few minutes.

We learn from data. This is the only way to know what your customers really like. We will send precisely the content that interests them at the right moment.


  • 360-Degree Consumer Profile
  • A/B testing of campaigns before sending and selection of the best variant
  • Multichannel communication
  • Personalising your campaigns
  • Forms for collecting new contacts from your website
  • Reliable deliverability

Installation guide

Here’s how you can start using the Ecomail plugin:

  • To start using this plugin, create an account or login to Ecomail.
  • Copy the Account ID for your website from the ecomail dashboard. This name is the same as the beginning of your account address.
  • Paste this Account ID in the input in Dukaan plugin’s settings page after installing it.


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