Reduce RTO with AI insights

Reduce RTO with AI insights

Minimize return-to-origin (RTO) orders using AI-driven insights and improve your delivery success rates.

RTO or Return to Origin is defined as the process in which an order never reaches the customer and is sent back to the warehouse citing a variety of reasons. It is a huge problem that E-commerce markets and sellers face on a regular basis.

The RTO plugin allows you to recognize potential RTO cases even before shipping your product. It provides insights and suggested actions powered by artificial intelligence, thus helping you reduce your RTO and increase overall sales.

Note: Once enabled, the RTO optimizer will run on all COD orders by default, unless the plugin is deactivated or dukaan credits are below the minimum required balance of 250 credits.

Key Features:

  • Predict which orders will result in an RTO and which won’t
  • Classify orders into high, medium, or low RTO sections
  • Get artificial intelligence-powered suggestions to reduce RTO chances. For example, if the order is a case of medium RTO, the system will recommend you to initiate a partial payment, and in case of a high RTO, the system will recommend you to initiate full online payment.

Note: Sellers get ~40% reduction in RTO after using this plugin.

Installation guide

Here is how you can start using your the RTO Optimizer plugin:

  • Click on Install Plugin
  • A minimum of 250 credits is required.  To increase your credit balance, click on the Top Up button in the available credits section
  • The RTO optimizer has now been set. It will automatically show suggested actions on your orders now

By going into the plugin settings you will be able to see all orders on which the RTO optimizer was run.



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