Product Scarcity

Product Scarcity

Encourage quicker purchase decisions by showing product scarcity on your store.

The product scarcity plugin draws customers' attention and creates a sense of urgency to initiate an order. It places a statement signifying ‘low stock alert’ or ‘limited availability’ below your product’s listing.  

Displaying statements such as “Only 10 left in stock.” or “ Hurry up!! Only 2 left in stock”, let’s the customer know that the product you are selling is in high demand and may run out of stock soon.

Note: Adding the product scarcity plugin has no impact on actual inventory. Actual inventory is reduced only when an order is placed.

Key Features:

  • Create a sense of urgency to prompt purchase
  • Customisable text
  • Choose to apply to specific products, categories, or all products

Installation guide

To install the product scarcity plugin, follow these steps:

  • After installing, head over to the plugin settings
  • Customise the message to be displayed on your product listing page
  • Choose whether to apply on specific products, categories, or all products
  • Click on save to activate the plugin


Is this plugin free to use?
Will my actual inventory be reduced by using the product scarcity plugin?
Does the countdown number change when an order is placed?

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